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St Rita's Set to Re-Open Friday, 5/15

Posted by Jason Miller at May 14, 2020 2:28PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Saints baseball has decided to open St. Ritas to our members on a limited basis beginning Friday, May 15.

Here is the link to reserve a cage – Be in the cage at your scheduled start time and leave at your scheduled time so the next user can get in his swings. Please wipe down the cage prior to leaving the cage.

Do not just show up without a reservation for a cage. We expect St. Ritas to be busy and we do not want people congregating inside or outside of St. Ritas. If you show up without a reservation, do not expect to get a cage.

Cages 1, 4, 5, and 6 will be the only cages available to reserve at this time. Cages 2 and 3 will not be available for use in order to keep our social distance between cages.

Maximum of two people per cage. No exceptions.

No more than 10 people in St. Ritas at any given time. If there are 10 in St. Ritas, please wait outside or in your car until your scheduled reservation time begins.

Everyone must stay six feet apart at all times.

There are many baseball facilities in town that are staffed with people during operating hours. Our facility is different in that we have no staff on duty. With nobody on duty, we are unable to wipe down balls or the facility after a cage is used. As a result, we have removed all baseballs from the facility. If you plan on reserving time at St. Ritas, you will need to bring your own baseballs.

Once you leave the cage, please wipe down any equipment you may have used — buckets, tees, etc.

We do have some hand sanitizer and wipes in the facility. Please use them when you arrive and when you leave. If members have any hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes they would like to donate to St. Ritas, we would appreciate the donation. Feel free to place them under the drinking fountain.

The bathroom will be open for members to wash their hands. Please wipe down anything you touch prior to leaving the restroom.

The water fountain has been shut off and will be unavailable for use until further notice.

Please refrain from congregating or talking in groups during your scheduled practice time.

No team practices are allowed.

Reminder we do have working security cameras in the facility. A board member or I will review the cameras each night to ensure the new guidelines are being followed and will wipe down the cages before leaving for the night.

These new regulations are being put in place to keep people as safe as possible. If the above guidelines are not followed, we will need to shut down the facility. Opening St. Ritas or any other entity at this time entails some risk. We are relying on our members to follow the guidelines. Ultimately, we wouldn’t be opening St. Ritas if we didn’t feel our members could follow all of the guidelines listed above.

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Saints Baseball's Response for COVID -19

Posted by Jason Miller at Mar 16, 2020 6:48PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

In light of the ongoing developments as a result of COVID -19, the recommendation of Governor Kim Reynolds to cancel school for up to four weeks, and decisions made by the Archdiocese of Dubuque, St. Rita’s will be closed immediately and Saints Baseball will not hold any indoor or outdoor practices until school resumes.

The Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, the Iowa High School Music Association and the Iowa High School Speech Association are all in agreement that “no in-person contact between coaches/administrators and student-athletes for four weeks.”

We realize many teams have tournaments and league games scheduled soon, however, our primary concern should not be baseball but rather the safety of our children, coaches, parents, family members and community at large.

With such a fluid situation the board will meet in the coming days to discuss options should school resume after four weeks. In addition, we will reach out to Positive Sports Training and USSSA to gather more information regarding league games and tournaments.

We will follow up with the organization once spring break is over and the board has had a chance to meet, but as of now, St. Rita’s will be closed and there will be no practices until school resumes.
Saints Board


Our renovations of St Rita’s are complete and we’re happy to reopen the facility. It looks great with the new carpet!

St Rita’s registration for the 2020 season has begun. Be sure to register and then come check out the renovated facility!

2020 Saints Baseball Rosters

Posted by Cedar Rapids Saints Baseball at Sep 14, 2019 7:55AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

8U Silver
Nolan Foss
Sam Willenborg

8U Navy
Rocco Younadam
Gavin Linn

9U Silver
Aaron Dumolien
Bennett Loftus
Evan Thuente
Lucas Harken
Mason David Fisher
Matthew Allen Bean
Noah Gonzalez
William Roling
Mickey Steele
Henry Lammers
John Taggezt

9U Navy
AJay Scott
Drake Becwar
Drew Dempewolf
Jack Meierbachtol
Kellen Wiebel
Max Stark
Thatcher Simanek
Luke Beeler
Joseph Ambrosy
Jack Putman
Lennox Shovein
Sawyer Pompei
Roman Kilburg

10U Silver
Caleb Lang
Emiliano Baez
Eric Thurm
Gavin Ireland
Jack Cooling
Jackson Owens
Kylan Thompson
Sam Evans
Tate Cairney
Ryan Everson
Blake O’Donnell

10U Navy
Grant Saxon
Mason Camacho
Eli Marion
Emmett Lyon
Evan Meyer
Jacob Osterhaus
Logan Weininger
Lance Mueggenberg
Will Vaughn
Patrick Shires
Hunter Thompson

10U Blue
Aaron Thomas
Maive Ainsworth
Christopher Putman
Brayden McComb
Marcus Towell

11U Silver
Andrew Renner
Dustin Cook
Keegan Miller
Logan Otting
Nolan Wilgenbusch
Rex Komenda
Sam Schimberg
Will Huber
Zack Borcherding
Cash Wilson
Bennet Link

11U Navy
Austin Becker
Austen Eich
Calvin Hacke
Coleson Dempewolf
Elliott Gnewuch
Hunter Shatto
Max McDermott
Oliver Behmer
Roman Carter
Taitum Deppe
Jack Lammers

12U Silver
AJ Evans
Brady O’Donnell
Caleb Loffswold
Cody Mason
Gabe Leuck
Jack Pauly
Jack Schimberg
Mac Driscoll
Sam Leuck
Griffin Brecht

12U Navy
Brady Casey
Carter Mastascusa
Conor Ryan
Drew Cooling
Dylan Lang
Hudson Morrissey
Jacob Miller
Bradley Walton
Michael Bean
Luke McMann
Zander Armstrong

12U Blue
Andrew Thompson
Bryce Naber
Harry Legislador
Marek McNamara
Travis Jasper
Will Dybvig
Cale Shelton
Joseph Dake
Killian Simanek

13U Silver
Colin Miller
Gavin Miller
Grant Allen
Jack Casey
Jack Downey
Jack Stevenson
Kaleb Wilgenbusch
Landon Sorg
Owen Casey
Tate Proskovec
Tyler Jasper

13U Navy
Carson Slaughter
Kaden Hotchkiss
Kale Leymaster
Mason Meyer
William Platz
Baxter Hennessey
Dane Melchior
Wayne Montgomery
Quinn Leland
Riley Klein

14U Silver
Andrew Hamlett
Coleton Beasler-Weber
Caleb Even
Dominic D’Amico
Ethan Jakel
John Pithan
Lucas Frost
Noah Schimberg
Preston Lang
Rilynn Loeffler
Tyler Netolicky

14U Navy
Bryce Kramer
Adam Cook
Brady Kruse
Colin Stoltenberg
Ethan Dempewolf
Grant Helmle
Jack Lampe
Jace Borcherding
Noah Jordebrek
Quinn Brady Oleson
Marcus Comacho

14U Blue
Aidan Kinner
Frederik Zeckser
Jackson Dybvig
Joseph Casey
Shea Buenzow
Eddie Pieper
Nate Selensky
William Russell
Wyatt Howard
Logan Cox
Mac Woltman

14U White
Brayden Mahoney
Bryant Norris
Carter Walton
Ethan Prentice
Ryan Hoefer
Harrison Goodell
Charles Bostwick


Saints Baseball registration for our 2020 teams has begun!

We are have spots open for players in the following age groups:








To register go to: and click on the Saints Baseball Registration Link.